ImageSo, it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had the day from hell! People have been complaining, questioning, accusing, and getting on my damn nerves!!! I feel beat down and I know I work at a Thankless job but gosh! I have had it! But the day isn’t over yet and all the while I do my best and remember to put my best face forward! I just try to make it to the end of the day till I can go home, sit in front of the fireplace with a bottle of VERDE  and ponder my poor job choice and how to take over the world. After about 4 glasses in, a light bulb goes off. MAKEOVER WEEKEND!!!! I don’t know about you but for me, getting a little makeover never hurt anyone, in fact it makes me feel fabulous! Now I’m not saying you have to go book an appointment at Red Door but I’m saying have a beauty weekend. Break out that bath and body works sugar scrub you spent $35.50 on and get to work. It doesn’t just sloth off dead skin, just imagine is erases all the drama from your bad day! Looking good = feeling good. So here’s 5 easy ways you can go back to work on Monday feeling like a million bucks! #1. Do a body scrub, get rid of any impurities both internal and external (that includes people, negative thoughts, bad ex-boyfriends….). Your skin will look radiant and you’ll feel that way too! #2. Do a hot oil treatment on your hair or a deep condition, everyone knows that when your hair is flawless – you’re flawless. #3. Break out that special occasion make up you have, you know, the make up kit that stays in the bathroom drawer that only sees your face for weddings, holidays, photo shoots and romantic dinners. Yup, get it out and make up yourself! Now don’t go doing the dramatic smoky cat eye. But do it up, give yourself a nice day time glow and add interest to one area (eyes or lips). Remember don’t go overboard, just give’em a little something to talk about! #4. Go in your closet and pull out your favorite go to outfit and jazz it up, add a colorful scarf, tailored blazer, those killer shoes you have or some great accessories! Wearing your favorite outfit gives you the comfort of knowing you look good and adding something to it will put a little pep in your step. The last and most important is #5. I think Miss Hannigan’s girls put it best with the song You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile! Whiten your teeth over the weekend (can be done with household items peroxide and baking soda) but most importantly smile. When you smile you not only convince others you are fabulous but you convince yourself. So flash those pearly whites as much as you can! Now, on Monday morning when you walk into school/work and your haters, naysayers, killjoys, lemmings or frenemies say (in the fakest, kind voice they can muster up) “oh you look nice” or “going somewhere?” You can simply flash your pearly whites and say “Well Superman doesn’t always wear his cape…I’m simply dressed for how fabulous I truly am!” Give a Gone with the Wind spin or hair flip and be on your way. That will leave them talking for days! Happy Makeover Weekend! Can’t wait to hear all about how fabulous your Monday goes!




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